Carpet back coating line

Carpet back coating machine. The main function is to apply PVC/PU/AC and other adhesives (both water-based and solvent-based) onto the surface of the fabrics. By using the right mixtures of chemical products and the right application system, fabrics can be made waterproof, UV resistant, stain-proof, fireproof, etc, which is widely used in textile industry.

In order to achieve optimum results for the finished fabrics in terms of both aesthetic appearance and technical quality, the layer of the chemical product must be applied as evenly as possible both in regard to its quantity and spreading throughout the entire width of the treated fabric.

Application may vary according to specific needs. Sometimes the chemical product must provide a surface coating only, while in other cases it must penetrate deeply into the fabric in order to ensure different characteristics of strength and appearance depending on the performance required.

The combination of the right products and application methods allows the creation of coated textile with excellent features and specifications, lightweight, but resistant, flexible and sturdy at the same time.

A multi-functional coating head is the only solution to guarantee all these application characteristics, suitable for a quick and easy use in every situation regardless of the nature of the product to be applied and the textile to be treated.

All coating heads can be customized by customer's requirements.

Process flow:
Fabric feeding  -> precision coating  -> pre-heating -> embossing -> drying oven -> air cooling -> product rewind

Technical Specification:
Speed: 2-10m/min
Width: 1800-3600
Oven temperature: 10-160℃
Drive: Converter Motor
Heat supply: Thermic Oil circulation, Natural gas, direct fired gas, electricity, steam, biofuel