Real Cases

     Our most influential customers

Words from Decor-Avto: Honest and reliable international supplier! The TDJ200 coating machine has been continuously working for 4 years and nothing wrong happened. And technicians sent by HZM were responsible and skilled! 

  Cai Shi Textile
Hangzhou Cai Shi Textile Co., Ltd

Words from Cai Shi: We bought the first coating machine from Haizhou 15 years ago when we started our business, now we have more than 10 coating lines supplied by Haizhou, which now makes Cai Shi as one of the top 5 textile enterprises in China! 

  Yachty Textile
Hangzhou Yachty Textile Co., Ltd

Words from Yachty: The main thing cooperating with Haizhou is that they provide the best after-sale service. Parts are always delivered within 2 days! Technicians have impressive  professional skills! Nothing needs to be worried about after we chose Haizhou as our PVC/PU Leather Coating Line supplier.

         Hong Li Leather
Hong Li Leather Co., Ltd

Words from Hong Li: It has been 10 years since cooperating with Haizhou. The important part is that business relationship has now become friendship! We don’t need to worry too much about machinery things. And, one more thing to note, Haizhou has improved their Fabric Coating Machines a lot compared to 10 years ago, thus less labor will be needed.

  Yi Hua Plastics
Nantong Yi Hua Plastics Co., Ltd.

Words from Yi Hua: Modern manufacturing techniques, advanced management system, responsible staff, and good quality! That’s why we are choosing Haizhou! And it turned out the choice was correct that the PVC Coating Machine was extremely efficiency and energy saving.